Hapkido in the Park Update – Fresno, California

Hapkido, the Korean Martial Art
Hapkido, the Korean Martial Art

Hapkido, the Korean Martial Art

I have returned from my trip to Panama and resumed my Jujitsu and Kempo training at Bushidokan of Fresno. I continue to practice Hapkido on my own but I have not resumed the Hapkido classes in the park due to lack of interest from others.

When I was teaching these classes in early 2009, a number of people came and went. Only one was consistent and dedicated, but he is out of commission now due to a pre-scheduled knee surgery (nothing to do with the Hapkido).

If anyone is interested, contact me. I’d be willing to resume a once-a-week class with even one dedicated student. Because the daytime temperature in Fresno these days is consistently in the 100’s, we’d have the class around 8pm, just before sunset. Tuesday or Sunday evenings are perfect for me.

Classes are free, but I am strict about attendance. If you miss more than one class in any given month, I will no longer teach you. For one thing, because a martial art is difficult to learn and requires a consistent investment of time and energy. Secondly, I am not here to have my time wasted.

I’m offering a valuable skill and personal instruction, absolutely free! Not necessarily out of the goodness of my heart, but because it allows me to practice on a live partner. Still, it’s a great opportunity for anyone who wants to learn. This sort of instruction would cost you a lot in a formal setting.

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