Urban Safety Tips, Part 2 – Walking Down the Street with Your Lady

Man and woman walking down the street

Man and woman walking down the street

Urban Safety:

Walking With Your Lady


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These are some simple tips for staying safe when you’re out walking with your lady. I have written them for men who are walking with a woman, but they could apply equally to a parent and child, or even a woman who is a trained martial artist and a man who is not.

1. Suburban Sidewalks – If you’re a man and you’re walking down a suburban sidewalk with your wife or girlfriend with you (or even your daughter, sister, etc), put the lady on the house side and you walk along the street side, because any threats are most likely to come from the street, from parked cars, or from between the parked cars. I’m talking about a quiet neighborhood street, houses with lawns, that kind of thing.

2. Urban Sidewalks – On the other hand, if you’re walking down a busy urban street, like a downtown area with big buildings, threats are most likely to come from the building side, such as recessed doorways and alleys. In this situation, you should stay on the building side and put the lady on the street side, so that you are between her and any likely threat.

3. Go Around a Knot of People – If there is a knot of people on the sidewalk, do not separate yourselves so that you walk around to one side and she walks on the other side. If you do that and someone attacks her, you will not be able to defend her, especially if another member of the group grabs or attacks you. Instead of separating, take her arm and keep her close as you both go around the group. Put yourself between the strangers and your lady.

4. Go Through a Loose Group – When I walked down Market Street in San Francisco, especially between Fifth and Eight Streets, I’d often encounter loose groups of teenagers who’d be walking along the sidewalk abreast, so that they spanned almost the entire sidewalk. Some of these guys were dope dealers. When you’re with your lady and you encounter this situation, lead her around if it’s possible. However if it’s not possible then do not separate. Keep her by your side and turn your own shoulder to pass between two of the strangers. Say, “excuse me” politely and keep on walking.

5. Ignore Verbal Insults – When you’re out with your lady, always ignore cat calls and verbal insults from strangers. Why? Because you do not want to risk your lady’s safety. Keeping her safe is the priority. If you respond to an insult and end up in a fight and get knocked out, now your lady is deprived of your protection. Even if she’s a martial arts expert, she’s still in a compromised position, especially if there’s more than one attacker. Keep your wits about you and be safe. Avoid conflicts whenever possible.

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