The Only Student Who Fails

Leap to success How do you measure success?
Leap to success

How do you measure success?

The only martial arts student who fails to learn is the one who quits.

Some people learn faster than others. But every individual will learn if he or she sticks with it. Yes, it’s difficult. These are skills that take years to master. How badly do you want it?

This is not only true for martial arts. It’s true for life. If you want to succeed, be persistent. Bite on like a bulldog and don’t let go.

Success isn’t measured on a timeline. It’s not about getting your green belt or black belt, or how long you’ve been training. It’s measured in the smallest increments of progress. Did you learn something? Is your technique a little better than it was last month? Are you beginning to have an insight into the underlying principles?

That’s how you measure success, in martial arts and in life.

I teach Hapkido, Silat and Jujitsu in Fresno, California. If you are interested in learning, then I am interested in teaching you.

Hapki! (harmonious energy)

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