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Hapki! (harmonious energy)

Wael Abdelgawad, Founder
Hammerhead Hapkido


  1. Sensei Wael, I love your philosophy and approach to Hapkido and your style in general. I remember getting to train with you back when I used to live in Fresno and miss your technical instruction and patience. There will be a day when I become your student again, insha’Allah (God-willing) and I greatly look forward to it!

    By the way, why did you choose the name “Hammerhead”?

  2. For people searching for a top notch self-defense school, this is it. It is the best hidden gem in Clovis and Fresno. Period! I tried several martial arts to find the best self-defense training and none can compare to Wael’s training. Most of the arts I tried were really a bunch of posturings and choreographed movements that will not be used in real life when you’re getting mugged or being threatened to expire from this world. What Wael and the other teachers at the Hapkido dojo provide are real life practical tools that anybody can use (even by a skinny girl) if attacked even by a big guy. I enjoy Wael’s classes so much that I changed my work schedule so I can attend his classes as much as I can. I also belong to another dojo – 6 years now but I learned so much from Wael that I feel I have been with him for already one year. If learned correctly, Wael’s techniques can be devastatingly fatal, forget Krav Maga. That is what I intend to do. Learn as much as I can. Practice as much as I can. Learn to execute the fatal moves as much as I can so that if I get attacked again, I can defend myself and get out of it alive.

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