Practice Suggestions & Requirements

1. Dedication and consistency. Those are the primary requirements. You cannot learn a martial art without them. Missing class is understandable if you are ill, working, or have an important appointment. But feeling tired, discouraged, not in the mood, invited to a party, or don’t want to miss a TV show, are not acceptable reasons to miss class. Come to class. Work through it. It will make you stronger.

2. R – E – S – P – E – C – T. Respect other students. Never train in a state of anger. Never deliberately injure anyone. Insults, racial epithets, and sexual advances are absolutely not allowed. With power comes responsibility. One of the goals of martial arts training is to learn discipline, respect, compassion and kindness.

3. If you want to bring a notebook and take notes, I encourage that. We tend to cover a lot of techniques, both from Hapkido and Silat, with the occasional Jujitsu or even Kenpo Karate technique thrown in. It’s a lot to remember.

4. I recommend that you bring a water bottle, and a towel to wipe your face.

5. We wear a plain white dobok (gi). If you’re just joining and don’ t have a uniform, wear anything comfortable.

6. You might want to take an aspirin or ibuprofen before class to reduce the pain of the joint locks, especially in the beginning. In time you will adjust to the pain and it will not bother you as much.

7. Remove jewelry and watches during practice.

8. Keep your fingernails and toenails trimmed to reduce the likelihood of getting them broken or cutting someone.

9. You don’t have to be straight out of the shower, but please be clean, brush your teeth, etc.

10. Pay your monthly dues on time.

11. Try to find time to practice at home. Class is for learning, home is for practicing. This will allow you to retain the principles and techniques you are taught, and to advance much more rapidly.

These may sound like a lot of rules, but the goal is to create a pleasant and productive training environment for everyone.

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