Be Like a River or a Wave

Amazing ocean wave in Greece

There’s a huge difference between defending ourselves from predators, and fighting for status or pride.

In the first instance, we must respond without hesitation, using all our tools to survive.

As for fighting for status, that’s something a martial artist should never do. We should never fight over insults or verbal challenges. Developing the maturity to walk away from provocations is a lifelong journey.

Occasionally you meet people who have trained for years and have become arrogant and boastful. That’s very strange to me. Our abilities should make us humble. The more we train, the more peaceful we should become.

Be like a wave

Be like a wave

Eventually we should become like water. Picture a fast-moving river, a waterfall, or a wave of the sea. If you insult it or shout at it, it will flow on, unperturbed. Poke it with your finger – no response. But plunge yourself into it with an attack – no matter how sudden or skilled – and you will find yourself drowning.

That’s how we want to be.

Wael Abdelgawad, Founder
Hammerhead Hapkido


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  1. Picturing yourself as a huge ocean wave is a type of combat visualization. It’s a tool for controlling fear and anger. There are others.

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