Footwork is the Key

Bruce Lee practicing footwork Bruce Lee practicing footwork

“The essence of fighting is the art of moving.”
– Bruce Lee

Footwork is one key to successful martial arts techniques. You have to practice good footwork until it becomes instinctive and no-mind.

On more than one occasion when I’ve had a little free time, I’ve spent it simply practicing footwork for a particular technique, over and over again.

For you Bruce Lee fans out there, Bruce was known for practicing footwork more than anything else.

In Kali, which I also train in, we often do 45 minutes of footwork before even getting to techniques or sparring. Forward V, backward V, side to side, star pattern, hourglass, bridging and more. I’ve incorporated many of these into Hammerhead Hapkido.

You might be able to throw your hands faster than the eye can see, but if your footwork is bad you’ll be off balance and vulnerable, and your strikes will have no power.

Good footwork means you’re in a good position to attack, while your enemy is in a bad position. Good footwork means you are mobile, balanced, and powerful.

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