Trying to Get Real

I'm trying to get real, to teach fighting techniques that actually work in a situation where you might be unprepared, and facing someone big and mean. [...]

Silat in Fresno

I perceive that the movements of Silat have become a part of me. I am in love with the art. It is so fluid, fast and aggressive, but at the same time it requires no power. In that sense it harmonizes very well with the other arts I study and teach - Hapkido, Jujitsu, Kempo. [...]

Hapkido and Silat, Two Soft Styles?

Silat is a true battle art, with no wasted movement, only highly efficient and direct attacks. It focuses on elbow and knee strikes, twisting the head, trapping the feet, sweeps and reaps, devastating takedowns, joint breaks, and attacks that use rapid level changes from low to high, or high to low. [...]