Hapkido in the Park news is a social network for Hapkidoists, and all practitioners of related Korean arts or joint-locking and energy-based arts. It currently has over 400 members, including Hapkido masters and students from all over the world. There are always good discussions going on. Members have uploaded over 1,400 photos, and 132 videos. [...]

Back to the Park!

Our Hapkido in the Park group has actually been training out of a martial arts studio for the past several months. That was a real blessing, however that studio has now closed, so we are returning to our grassy roots. Back to the park, in other words. Fortunately, we also have the use of a church gymnasium on Mondays. [...]

Hapkido Classes in Fresno, California

Hello everyone. I have restarted the Hapkido classes. It looks like I will now have the use of a studio with mats, as my Jujitsu instructor is willing to let me use his dojo on Tuesdays. I have not set a time. I've placed an ad on Craigslist and sent out a few feelers and I'll set the time based on the feedback I get. Anytime on Tuesday is fine with me. [...]

Welcome to Hapkido in the Park!

If you'd like to learn Hapkido, you do not need any prior martial arts experience, or any particular level of physical fitness. In fact Hapkido is good for those who are smaller or weaker because it is a blending art, i.e. an art that uses the attacker's force against him by redirecting it, rather than meeting it head on. Hapkido is a joint-locking, striking and throwing art closely related to Jujitsu (Japanese jujitsu, not the Brazilian grappling style). Hapkido does have a ground fighting component, but it is primarily a stand-up art. Hapkido is a modern self-defense art, and is very comprehensive and scientific in its approach. [...]