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Wael and daughter Salma.

Wael Abdelgawad, founder of Hammerhead Hapkido, with his daughter Salma.

Hapkido is a modern Korean martial art. It is a joint locking and throwing style, with a wide variety of hand strikes and kicks included.

Hammerhead Hapkido, the style I teach, incorporates strong influences from Southeast Asian martial arts, particularly Silat, and focuses on close-quarters combat, seamless transitions from strikes to joint techniques, and realistic knife defenses.

Hammerhead develops Hapkido in exciting and important new ways. It is based in Fresno, California.

WHO CAN ATTEND? – The class is open to women, men and children ages twelve and up. There is no upper age limit.

SCHEDULE, LOCATION AND COST – The class is offered in Fresno, California, and is affordable at only $70 per month. Family discounts are available. For up-to-date class times and location, see the Schedule and Location page.

THE INSTRUCTOR – My name is Wael Abdelgawad, and I am the founder of Hammerhead Hapkido. I have been studying martial arts all my life. I have lived in Fresno since 2008 and have taught Hapkido since 2009. I also have black belts in Japanese Jujitsu and Kempo Karate, and many years experience in Silat.

WHAT ELSE DO YOU OFFER? – Our class is held at the Bushidokan Martial Arts studio in Fresno, California. Bushidokan instructors Dave and James Olson teach traditional Karate and Jujitsu to adults and children. When you join Hammerhead Hapkido, your membership fee gives you access to all the daily Bushidokan classes.

Hammerhead Hapkido

Hammerhead Hapkido logo

MORE INFO – I studied Silat – the battle art of Indonesia and Malaysia – simultaneously with Hapkido. As I did, I began to realize that while Hapkido is unparalleled when it comes to grab defenses, joint locks and throws, Silat has a generally more effective and systematic way of dealing with punches and knife attacks. After years of study, I began incorporating Silat entries – and some finishes as well – into Hapkido, as well as Silat and Kali knife techniques.

The result was Hammerhead Hapkido, a style that blends the very best of two of the most effective martial arts on earth.

It’s an amazing martial art that offers the practitioner a range of responses to conflict, from non-violent control and restraint, to brutal destruction of the attacker.

Try it out and I think you’ll find it to be an effective, realistic and fun martial art.

We focus on:

– Energy breathing
– Flexibility stretches.
– Defenses against grabs and chokes
– Defenses against punches and kicks
– Learning to fall safely (breakfalls)
– Low kicks mostly, high kicks to a lesser degree
– All types of hand and elbow strikes
– Throws

If you are interested you can use the Contact Form to send me a message; call me on the phone; or simply show up at our training location.

Hapki! (harmonious energy)

Wael Abdelgawad, Founder
Hammerhead Hapkido
Fresno, California

Hammerhead Shark

The Hammerhead Shark is powerful, flexible and fierce – a perfect icon for our system.

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